Welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy! We offer a Spiritual Education for people who are seeking greater understanding of their true Spiritual Nature and who desire to open — and walk through — the Door to their Soul. Our students have access to teachings and applications that arm them with the full powers of Light, Love, Freedom, and Victory that were once only taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools. The Radiant Rose curriculum supports students to Discover, Reveal, and Live their wonderful Truth: that the Untouchable Presence of God abides within them, and once that Presence is realized, it will forever transform their lives, and the entire world. Is it your time to discover and access the Force that is your destiny? Is it your time to walk the path of the Untouchables?

Beloved Akasha

Mother Akasha is our Teacher in the weekly Tree of Life class. She shows us how to heal our hearts, restore our will, fulfill our dreams, and nourish our bodies with new life.
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Master Asun

Master Asun is our Teacher in the monthly Living the Dream class. He shows us how our minds can become instruments for the Cosmic Light of our Spiritual Nature and Higher Consciousness to express.
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A Divine Plan is Underway

The Seventh Golden Age is upon us, and now is the time to deliciously show up for the life that is your birthright. A metamorphosis awaits you, and so do the answers to all of the questions you’ve had for so long. Every man, woman, and child needs to know, wants to know, and is entitled to know how to create their highest truth — not just search for it! Are you ready to collaborate with the Mightiest Forces of our Universe to become all that you are meant to be?

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Love Our Planet Free

The Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements require our help, and together we have the ability to make a difference. The Animal Kingdom, Sea Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, and other Kingdoms we share life with on this precious Earth suffer. Radiant Rose Academy Students are very involved in helping our Planet. Every Tuesday, we come together to enter into Planetary Decrees, Clarion Calls, and Peace Meditations to help our Planet and the People of Earth.

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