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The Radiant Rose Academy

The Academy offers a complete spiritual education assisting us to awaken to our Divine State of Consciousness, that we may achieve Spiritual Illumination and Enlightenment in this life.

Our Book Collection

We offer a variety of books that include presentations by the Great Ascended Masters, along with a series of Decree and Sacred Mantra Books.

Health & Wellness

Our line of health supplements has been carefully chosen to support and strengthen our overall health and well-being. 


Akasha, Asun and the Ascended Host offer a variety of life changing Meditations.

Tuesday's Planetary Broadcast

Free Program – On Tuesdays
Join this free program from wherever you are on the planet. First responders are the first ones at the scene of an accident or other emergency. We are the “spiritual first responders” – the first ones rushing to the forefront of any situation…

Weekly Masters Broadcast

Free – Program
The Academy graciously provides free weekly Ascended Master Encore Presentations to support our spiritual development, which also give us tools to stay safe, inspired and encouraged.

Monthly Classes

Our Next Weekend Classes

August 10-11 In Person or Via Zoom
Living the Dream: Lord Asun
Planetary Class: Mighty Helios, Maha Chohan
Masters Classes: Archangel Michael | Beloved Asun, Mother Mary

A Magical Journey and a Beautiful Life Await You

As a Global Educational Platform of Enlightenment, we offer Transformational Spiritual Studies focused on Love, Excellence, Fulfillment, Resurrection, Higher Consciousness, and Mastery. Our weekly Classes and monthly Programs guide you to Experience Wholeness and Powerful Transformation. Our Curriculum includes Self-Awareness to end all suffering, and Activities of Healing that work to help Resurrect all aspects of your Being.

Our Classes and Programs build upon each other to initiate Spiritual Empowerment, Soul Evolution, and the Awakening of Higher Purpose. A beautiful Life and the hand of Grace awaits. This is the time for you to wash away all that has been difficult. There is only Excellence ahead of you now.

Meet the Teachers

The Radiant Rose Academy is pleased to introduce our main Ascended Master Teachers, Beloved Akasha and Asun. They are Twin Flames who come from the Great Central Sun of our Universe to serve as loving Guides and Mentors on our path of remembering who we truly are.

Books by the Academy

The Academy offers a variety of books that include presentations by the Great Ascended Host that are found in the Ascended Master Journals Series, books that feature the ‘Lost Knowledge’, the Greatest Powers in the Universe, along with a series of Decree and Sacred Mantra Books.

Health & Wellness

Our line of health supplements is here to support and strengthen your overall health and well-being, never to replace the professional advice of your family physician. We recommended that you always search for the proper professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment when experiencing any type of health conditions.

Academy Programs

Akasha and Asun and the Ascended Host offer a variety of Programs. Here you will find Programs that are of a nature and focus that include Motivational, Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Resurrection and Ascension.

Video Library and Documentary

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission

Outpouring of Light & Masters Meditation

Paying It Forward

Through your support, we are able to make Monthly Donations to the following Organizations: Vancouver Food Bank, Covenant House, Salvation Army, BC SPCA, Operation Smile, Speroway, and Canada Helps.

“These messages on Fridays are so enjoyable, I can’t get enough of them. I really like them and I listen often. I play them every day after work and I replay them again and again. Please tell the Messenger that I send him “Aloha from Hawaii!”


The Radiant Rose Academy has lovingly helped me to find my place in the world. I now understand my life’s purpose; I am receiving the gifts, tools and trainings needed to carry out my purpose; and I have created a new family that not only understands me but also supports my efforts. I am in deep gratitude.

This Planetary Teleconference was so lovely from beginning to end. Every minute of it including the dictation, from Beloved Sanat Kumara, the decrees, Excalibur’s speech about the Jubilee and the music that continued the majestic feeling. This was such a treat!”