Our Purpose and Vision

The Heavenly Mother of the Universe, Mother Akasha, calls the Radiant Rose Academy to host the return of Her Presence and Dispensation of Divine Love, Will, and Grace.

Video Library

A collections of video resources to inspire and learn about the Academy. There are various teachings meditations, and free resources. Please have a look.

Ascended Masters Portraits

Available to you Precious Students, are many Portraits of the Ascended Masters, created by your Accredited Ascended Master Portrait Artist, Gayliaa.

Academy Musicians

The Radiant Rose Academy is blessed to offer Music samplers of Composers and Musicians who have touched the lives of our Students with such Beauty and Inspiration.

Sacred Fire & Meditations

The Ascended Masters teach us to set aside some time each day to enter into the Sacred Fire, our Calls and Decrees, and Contemplation and Meditation on the Great God Presence that abides within our hearts.

Policies & Press Room

These Policies and Guidelines were created to support the Radiant Rose Academy functioning smoothly, efficiently, and gracefully.