A Spiritual Path

What is the Radiant Rose Academy, and what does it offer?

The Radiant Rose Academy (RRA) is a Spiritual and Metaphysical Organization offering the means to create a spiritual path for greater personal Illumination and Enlightenment. The Academy is a life-empowering Spiritual Education Platform, offering the higher knowledge of ancient mystery schools; the Academy offers the Tree of Life Teachings along with Teachings from the Great Ascended Host. Here you will find a host of materials to assist your journey to greater illumination, discovering the purpose of existence and means to discover and define your Higher Purpose and your Soul’s gift to life. Along with Teachings, the Academy offers Sacred Geometries, Meditations, Sacred Music, along with wonderful Books of Study. The Academy offers a Health and Wellness area providing all the Health Supplements to assist our physical health and wellbeing.

RRA offers a greater understanding of Consciousness, our Spiritual Nature, Laws of Manifestation, and the Living Principles and Attributes of Universal Consciousness. In the Academy, we learn how to work with the Alchemy of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Light Rays to transform substance, matter and form for life-changing results. Our Programs include a focus on Motivational Psychology, Health and Wellness and ways and means to assist Planet Earth during this tumultuous time. The knowledge provided reveals effective tools to heal ourselves, and become Sovereign Beings. All of the educational spiritual material offered comes directly from the Ascended Masters through their messengers, Usa (Messenger #1) and Excalibur (Messenger #2).

The Academy and its teachings are not specific to any one religion or philosophy. It offers the pure essence that is the foundation of all Spiritual Teachings and is based upon Universal Wisdom and the Truth of Life. Just as important, it helps us to actualize all that we are taught – or, better said, it helps us to simply remember. For, within us all abides the Universal Truth of Life that only requires to be awakened and remembered, rather than learned.

The Academy is paying it forward

Through your support, we are able to make Monthly Donations to the following Organizations: Vancouver Food Bank, Covenant House, Salvation Army, BC SPCA, Operation Smile, Speroway, and Canada Helps.

Vancouver FoodBankCovenant HouseSalvation ArmySPCA Operation Smile SperowayCanada Helps