Ascended Masters Broadcast

Special Address from Mother Akasha and Ascended Master Guests

The Academy offers two free Ascended Master Broadcasts every month featuring some of the Ascended Host, to support our Spiritual Path. The Broadcasts take place on selected Fridays at 11am Vancouver Pacific Time.

On Selected Fridays, at 11am PST

Downloadable recordings are available in each corresponding link, if you miss the live broadcast.

We have compiled the Masters’ Discourses in Volumes. Available online in the Special Presentations Category.

Via Web Link

October – Volume 31:
October 7th – Father Asun: Listen
October 14th – Beloved Nada: Listen
October 21st – Lord Maitreya: Listen

November – Volume 32:
November 11th  – Mother Akasha: Listen
November 18th – Master Great Germain: Listen

December 9th – Mother Mary: Listen
December 16th – Archangel Michael: Listen

Via Phone

Primary US: (425) 440-5100
Secondary: (425) 440-5010, (206) 402-0100
PIN Code or Conference ID: 819752# Access Numbers
(Includes: Australia, UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Israel, and Ireland)

Previous Volumes


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Dec: Volume 21 | Nov: Volume 20 | Oct: Volume 19 | Sept: Volume 18 | Aug: Volume 17 | July: Volume 16 | June: Volume 15 | May: Volume 14 | April: Volume 13 | March:  Volume 12 | Feb: Volume 11 | Jan: Volume 10

I feel like I’ve had a nutritious meal that will keep me going for a decade! There is no food like this on Earth!


I love these Ascended Masters Broadcasts so much, there is nothing like them on the Earth!


I always love hearing the Ascended Masters on Fridays and I never want to miss a single one.