Ascended Masters Broadcast

Special Weekly Encore Messages from Various Ascended Masters

The Radiant Rose Academy graciously provides free weekly Ascended Master Encore Presentations to support our spiritual development, which also give us tools to stay safe, inspired and encouraged.

The Ascended Masters have expressed how important it is to review messages as often as possible. Sanat Kumara said: “Any of you who may have missed any of the previous Broadcasts, I urge you to go back and listen to the ones you may have missed, or to re-listen as great value and much has been offered in these Ascended Master Broadcasts!”

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Many students listen via these links, on Fridays, weekends, or whenever it is convenient. These links to the audio messages remain “live” all month. New Ascended Master Encore Presentations are posted every week. You can also watch the Ascended Masters’ Messages on the Radiant Rose Academy YouTube channel. Entire sets (volumes) are available for purchase in the links below. If you are a member and would like to study the transcripts, simply type the name of the Ascended Master into the “search” field on this website. You will find a wealth of “golden goodies” in the online library of transcripts!

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Encore Presentations
May 31: TBA

June 7: 
June 14:
June 21:
June 28: 

We are so grateful for these Divine Messages that are always timeless, relevant and current in the Eternal Now!

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I feel like I’ve had a nutritious meal that will keep me going for a decade! There is no food like this on Earth!


I love these Ascended Masters Broadcasts so much, there is nothing like them on the Earth!


I always love hearing the Ascended Masters on Fridays and I never want to miss a single one.