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Know that anger, bigotry, prejudice and fear will hold you back

Feb 1, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Know that anger, bigotry, prejudice and fear will hold you back

Painful lessons are useful tools in your lives when you do not learn from your experience. Therefore, those in the movement of educational and personal counselling and psychology, of necessity, must work with processing deeply rooted anger, bigotry, prejudice and other emotions in those who seek help. Helping people through their emotions and attitudes, understanding that helping people become free of negative qualities are a very important and imperative part of how people come to understand and see themselves rightly. Please realize and know that anger, bigotry, prejudice and fear will hold you back and now that you choose to evolve through joy, realize you must let go of any remaining negative qualities, attitudes and emotions if you are sincere about your spiritual path.

If you do place a value in feeling and projecting hurt and pain, then be willing to change if you truly desire to embrace your divine nature. Once we clear this negative human history from our consciousness, we are ready to recognize and focus more upon our spiritual nature. This all must do to bring forth within their own awareness, their true God Self in whatever way you understand that to be.

 You and Source are one and that oneness is divine love

 We will use simple words that cannot be misunderstood, to state clearly what we wish to transmit here. Whatever is the most intimate way for you to understand yourself as God Source, in whatever way you most intimately align and stay conscious of Source, use those worded understandings and expressions. Set aside some spiritual time each day and create your own moments to assist you staying in conscious awareness that God/Goddess/All-that-Is resides within you. It is all around you, and you can live, move and have your being in a Source of divine light, love, beauty, intelligence and perfection. In fact, remind yourself often that it is not possible that you could be any anywhere, at any time, in any dimension, where you would be separate from your Source, for you and Source are one, that oneness being divine love. Yet we must cleanse the human consciousness of all that would delay our great awakening.

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment