Our Messengers

Usa and Excalibur are students of the Radiant Rose Academy. They daily engage in their own Spiritual Studies, like all of us, using the monthly Curriculum that is provided through the different classes. They have been prepared and trained by Beloved Asun and Mother Akasha in the ‘Ancient Art of Transmission’ for their bodies to become a crystal clear vessel and to step aside while the Transmission is occurring. Usa and Excalibur maintain a consciousness of essential harmlessness that allows the Transmissions to always reach the next level, allowing the Masters to release such tremendous Healing Frequencies and such Raising and Lifting activity to our minds, bodies, and feelings, which are really just extraordinary. As every class/event unfolds you really feel more of a raising and lifting up and out of limitation and density. Students share that they often feel Grace, a greater sense of Purpose, Illumination, more Light and experience a stronger sense of Peace, Harmony, and Love

Like all of us through our past embodiments, Usa and Excalibur have also been prepared for their specific service through several life times. They have been taught and trained in how to step out into their Light Bodies and allow their Higher Christ Consciousness and the Masters to fully engage a dynamic expression and communication with us. For this reason our Messengers are not seen as Channels nor do they use the channeling process.


The Messengers have been trained for this kind of Service, opening the way for their Higher Christ Consciousness and the Masters to facilitate the use of their physical bodies, sometimes for many hours a day, especially in Weekend Events with the Masters. Sometimes Students ask them if they are tired after hours of Ascended Master Transmissions and they respond “No, just the opposite!” Their bodies become highly charged with Divine Energies, their minds become clearer, and their feeling side of life so charged with such raising and healing Love.

If you have awakened in this embodiment, many preparations for your awakening have been ongoing for several life times, your consciousness is constantly expanding, you are more aware of your Spiritual Nature and feel more ready to embody your True Spiritual Self on Earth. Otherwise, like many, you just would not be interested in any Path of Spiritual Awakening beyond the educational and religious beliefs presently in the world.

There is a great destiny that awaits for you, a Path of absolute Fulfillment and we warmly welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy to live an extraordinary Life that now more than ever is possible thanks to the amazing amount of Divine Intervention we can receive in our lives.