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The Power within…by Beloved Mother Akasha

Apr 12, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

The Power Within

Beloved Akasha

Presently your world is a perceptual reality. It is a playground; it is a powerful plane of demonstration where you can choose and create, thereby giving definition to you and your evolution. It is a place where you can embody, and you can create hell, or you can come and create heaven for yourself. We have come to remind you how to create heaven on Earth.

A good time to claim your power back

All of you are involved in the most important and historical evolution of your lives and that is the way it should be. It is a good time to claim your power back into your lives. It is a good time to be getting in touch with yourself, to know yourself truly. It is not a good time to be climbing some mountain in the Far East in search for truth. The mountain is within you. Mahatma has come to you. Mahatma is within you. ‘I AM’ is within you, and your inner presence, your spiritual side of life seeks to be lovingly acknowledged, accepted and awakened now.

For so long, humanity has been kept in the dark regarding the secrets that would free human life. These are secrets hidden from human beings that would allow each individual to aspire to their own truths, to their own dreams manifest in great success and victory. You are a key part of creation. There have always been those in the world, such as government, religious groups and other organizations who have controlled how much information you have, and yes, for centuries and centuries have tried to control your lives, and so often through fear.

Yet, great have been the world teachers and the masters that have come forth into this world. Great have been the mystics and wonderful have been the seekers of higher knowledge who have attempted to go beyond the controlled information that has been fed to humanity. Lost to human history are the facts of six former Golden Ages of evolution, which each of you have been a part of but do not record in your present memory systems. Although these records have been lost to general humanity, there have been those who have looked after those records and they will be revealed when humankind is ready.

You are about to enter the Seventh Golden Age and it is a forever lasting Golden Age, it is the final Golden Age and it will be an Age where human beings will come into the full knowledge and awareness of all that they are. In the near future, humanity will awaken to civilized systems of worlds that are a part of your local Universe. Humanity will become aware of civilized planetary systems in this particular Galaxy and others. This is part of the expansion of consciousness, which is coming to your Earth as the Cosmic light regains constructive action on your planet.

Remembering and knowing your relationship to Source is vital now

The near destiny for human beings is for each of you to become fully aware beings, knowing who you are. It is for you to find your right relationship to Source and all realities, and how it is that you consciously participate within those realities. Remembering and knowing your relationship to Source is vital now. Realizing your creative powers are important as you become more of your true spiritual nature. You are the greatest gift, for you are life itself. It is time to take your power back and remember again your place in the Universe.

Old controlling standards of religion are not working for many. Educational systems are transforming, your governments are undergoing change, and your corporations are attempting to take over. Now, while all of this is going on, many in society live in a mundane kind of consciousness, and daily are giving up the power of choice in their lives. Do not give up choice! You are the truth waiting to be realized and expressed by you. It is a wonderful truth that the great Moses experienced: ‘I Am that I Am.’

This Beloved Mystic recognized that his very own life was one with that great presence that humanity has often worshipped and called God. This true sense of God cannot be put into a few words, it can however be felt and realized in human experience by deliberate choice. Do you think there is God in this world? Look at your newscasts, beloved friends. Look in your newspapers. Is there God in your cities? Is there God in your inner cities of America today? Where is God? We suggest God/Goddess is not in this world of human experience, except where it has an opportunity to express itself through the wonder and spiritual nature of human beings and the many kingdoms of life on Earth.

There is God in all of life’s precious forms, and as God Source has created your life, you are given liberty to create with that same Light and Love that created you. Your very life is what human beings have so long called God and Goddess, yet you have given your power away and worshipped something outside of yourselves, instead of realizing it all is within your heart. God is within your heart waiting to be realized by you. We can know God as love, light, beauty, intelligence and perfection.

Indeed, you are not separate unto yourself. You have a Creator just as you have created your beloved children on this Earth plane. We all have a Beloved Creator. And this Beloved Creator is not some old being with a great long white beard sitting in heaven waiting to decide your destiny; it is a much greater picture than that, understand? We want you to get it right; we want you to experience this in the very heart of your bodies. We don’t want to get religious on you, but we do desire that you realize you are very spiritual beings, residing within a physical, mental and feeling body. By the way, immortality is already yours. Humanity has forgotten how to maintain it in their physical bodies and that is why you keep coming back, and you can expect a lot more on this subject from us.

We are here to assist, to inform and to support your growth

We are here to truly assist, inform, and support your growth. You can only identify your personal and spiritual path as you allow yourselves to get in touch with your feelings. For some time now, we have been asking people to get back into their heart and move into that place where they can see what is going on in their feeling body. In your rich, beautiful feeling body, so many secrets are held there. Your feeling body is stored with much of the cosmic qualities of life that you have not even begun to express in this world.

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment