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The whole self ‘I AM’ in human expression, is the living Christ.

Feb 8, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Was this not the great teaching of the master who came to your planet two thousand years ago and declared: ‘I and the Father are one’? Know you not that the mystical ‘I’, consciousness, the Individualization of the God Source that has come forth from the Heart of the Great Central Sun, you are that creation? You are the whole and beautiful self, waiting to be realized as you. Perhaps you are beginning to understand the descent of yourself into this world as that part of your whole self, which descended and localized in a third dimensional form, and has come through the process of being humanized. Having lived in the world of limitation, and given definition to your human experience, you are now responding to a growing desire in your heart to reunite with the wholeness of your being. As the light expands within you, you are ready for the Universal knowledge revealing the true nature and goal of human life on Earth, which is the raising of your physical body up into the great pure light dimensions without going through the change called death. We shall speak much about this in future moments with you.

The divine consciousness and presence of the whole self ‘I AM’ in human expression is the living Christ. The Christ begins as an actual individualized Flame of God Source that resides within your physical hearts, waiting to be recognized, loved and activated into expression as the real self of your being. For the awakening human, the Christ presence within can be likened to a very alive teenager wanting to come forth in your lives, and you all know what a teenager can be like when it wants to come forth! The Christ within you desires to come forth, to be loved, recognized, and adored by you, for it is your greatest master, guru and teacher. It also happens to be your true self and complete Source of all good, once it is actualized by you and as you. Seek not for any guru outside of your true inner self. Seek not for any occult leader. There are individuals now in your lives who are your temporary teachers and those whom you will teach. We are all teachers and we are all students. No matter where the evolutionary spiral of our consciousness exists, and no matter in what dimension we live, we are always students and we are always learning. What comes after learning is discovering!

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment