Academy Musicians

Denise Hagan

Denise Hagan, known to some as Roisha Rae, is a Sacred Inspirational Singer and Songwriter from Ireland. Her work as a composer and performer is dedicated to the Divine Heart of every man, woman, and child upon Planet Earth during the days of our emerging Seventh Golden Age. Her Muse is the I AM Magic Presence in all its myriad expressions and she loves to capture the Hearts Ear of her listeners through the simple storytelling of her embodied ‘I AM’ Journey.

Denise has a strong and applied love of the Sacred Fire and although she performs across varied Schools and Philosophies, she is a True Radiant Rose in this most blessed lifetime.

Denise’s work includes 5 albums of Songs, Meditation, and Sacred Fire Mantra to date, all of which carry the thread of The Magic I AM as she experiences this unfolding in her, through her, and as her.

“I write to hear myself and learn once more what I already know from within. I offer my work to others so they might enjoy the same divine remembrances in their own unique and signature way. I love Love – She is my Master, my Mentor, My Magic and my Medicine.”

Blessed Be! I AM!