Academy Musicians

Isaiah Ben Emanuel

Isaiah has been a student of the RRA for the past 14 years. He began writing and composing music shortly after becoming a student, studying The Ascended Master Teachings.

All of his songs incorporate the teachings of Akasha, Asun and the Ascended Host. His music is filled with Joy And Inspiration, Spiritual Truths And Celebration. The music that comes through him plays an integral role in supporting the Awakening Process.

The music helps us to become these teachings by firing up Our Feeling bodies through Song & Dance. ALL LIFE has a Rhythm to it and Isaiah’s music incorporates many Catchy Rhythms as well as many World Sounds. His music is also very melodic with many layers of harmonies. He has a deep Love for song & dance.

Isaiah is LOOKING forward to OUR Future & what that future entails for the Music that his Presence desires to bring through him. A Few words come to mind… ANTHEMIC, EPIC, HEART OPENING, HEALING, LOVING, MELODIC, HARMONIC, RHYTHMIC, PULSATING, INVIGORATING, ENERGIZING… unto ETERNITY!!!

Isaiah is truly an ‘I AM Visionary’ on the impact music has on our awakening and Resurrection. LOOK OUT WORLD THE UNTOUCHABLES ARE HERE!!!