Academy Musicians

Kemi Nahal

Rev. Kemi Nahal is an accomplished Spiritual Anointed Singer Songwriter, Performing Artist, Pianist, Synthesizers and Keyboards Player, Acoustic Guitarist & a Crystal Harpist. Composer, Producer, A Writer, A Published Author of ‘Whisper of The Flame’, Master Healer of Holistic Modalities, Lecturer and Educator, Interfaith Officiant and more.

Kemi Nahal, also known by her spiritual name ‘Deer-Spirit’ has produced and published her original 13 CDS and recently released a Single CD for America called ‘America You Will Rise’. Kemi devoted her Gift of Music composing, performing, singing, and chanting at Service to The Divine Mother Father GOD, expending The Light and The Love of GOD through Music.

The Music of The Higher Spheres and the Angelic Realms is strongly experienced through her Gift of Music. Promoting Healing and Awakening to the Higher Christ Consciousness, the Sacred Inner Splendor Within and the Soul Evolution – Reconnecting and Awakening to The Soul, The Inner Voice and The Presence of The Infinite GOD I AM Within, The Holy Spirit and The Holy Shekinah, and to the Return of The Heavenly Mother’s Presence back to Earth.

Kemi can often be seen and heard singing at some of the Academy Weekend Events. Kemi Nahal is a mother of two children, residing on Long Island, NY.

A Gift: We Are the Untouchabless – Download for free Here or listen