Academy Musicians

Leonard Eaglecloud

Leonard Eaglecloud

Leonard Eaglecloud Howell is a Traditional/Metis Storyteller, Teacher/Musician and Shamanic Practioner, initiated in the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Of Indigenous Ancestry, as a keeper of Ancient Wisdom, he was invited to play his music, lead ceremonies, and share his knowledge with many.

As an artist and visionary, he is best known for bringing the beautiful sound of the flute, touching hearts and transforming lives wherever he traveled. His commitment was to be building healthy communities through music and ceremony, supporting and aligning people to their highest dream and purpose.

From 1996 until 2012, Leonard EagleCloud graced the stages of many of Beloved Akasha and Asun’s events. At Academy Classes, weekend workshops and the Academy Conclaves, Leonard filled out hearts and souls with such love and joy, sharing his Stories and Music. Leonard’s Soul could be felt so deeply through his Flute and Songs. Such tenderness, such love, enveloped everyone who experienced his most beloved heart filled presence.

Leonard we miss you, yet we are grateful that your beloved wife Angelaya, has offered to share your Soulful music with us.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, he walked with a humble heart and gentle spirit, loved by many including his dear wife Angelaya and 2 children, Aaron and Amanda.