Academy Musicians

Paul Armitage

Paul Armitage is a widely recognized international recording artist, composer and musician. He has performed at many events, and spiritual gatherings worldwide as a featured artist, in Australia, the USA and Canada, Japan, Europe, India and the Middle East. For Eight years, Paul has been a featured performer at the Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta, has performed at World Angel Day in London and Los Angeles. He has also performed at spiritual pilgrimages to the Great Pyramids, the Vatican , the Taj Mahal and many other sacred sites worldwide.

In holding Sacred Space for individuals and group events, Paul opens to receive the sweet current of love and healing from the very Heart of Creation, spontaneously composing exquisite music that captures and expresses the beauty and joy of our Highest Aspirations – Music Sourced directly from the Heart of Divine Love.

Paul also provides for individual’s, recorded directly to CD, Musical Soul Portraits; original, one of a kind, spontaneously performed compositions, – that musically expressthe Beauty of one’s Soul Essence, – serving as a powerful tool of Self-Remembrance, reminding the listener of the greatness of their True Self.

“Paul’s music is a gift from the angels. His music is truly Heaven sent.”
Doreen Virtue. Author – The Angel Oracle Cards

“Walking in the footsteps of the greatest composers who ever blessed the Earth, Paul composes and plays music that captures the very creation of life itself. He has the ability to connect to the Higher Octaves of the Universe to bring through overtures of The Music of the Spheres.”
Dr. Norma Milanovich. Author and Visionary – The Light Shall Set You Free, Sacred Journey to Atlantis

“For 20 years, Paul has been an active Musician at many of the Radiant Rose Academy events. His Musical Soul Portraits assists all of us to find the Silence and Beauty of our Soul. Paul’s music is Divine Harmonic Emergence of Sacred Intercession upon our Awakening, Becoming, and Resurrection.”
Usa, Messenger Radiant Rose Academy