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Akasha, a Metamorphosis Meditation One

Jul 24, 2019 | Meditations

Metamorphosis Meditation
Mother Akasha

Make yourselves comfortable. I will guide us into the Metamorphosis Meditation. If you wish, you can just be open and receptive and take that in, or you can follow the inner contemplation and affirm inwardly to yourself; whatever is most comfortable for you. Let us take a deep breath.
“Closing my eyelids I begin a gentle journey of turning my attention inwards. As I do, I take a few moments to contemplate certain Truths that prepare my mind to become open and receptive. I begin to remind myself that personal and direct contact with God is now available in the silence of the moment.

I turn inward, and as I have studied, Consciousness is God. Consciousness is what I am. At this point in my study meditation becomes the bridge in which a mighty Inner Presence that abides within my Consciousness can begin to come forth into my life. That mighty Presence goes by many names: my Great Inner Self, the Christ, the Hero within, a Grand Cosmic Being made in the image and likeness of Mother Father God. A perfect Being, a perfect man, a perfect woman, the image of which a Divine Replication abides in the innermost place of my Consciousness, not the consciousness I use in my daily mind; rather, a deeper place that can be thought of as my ‘submerged mind’. Master Jesus said:

‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you.’

Today I know that this Kingdom is within me. It is the very core centrepiece of my Consciousness. In my studies I have discovered that this Indwelling Presence, which is the very Infinite Individualization of God, has been knocking upon the door of my life that I might begin to remember who I truly am and discover that I am only living a fraction of my True Self.
These meditations open the way for me to make contact with my Greater Self. Every time I open this door, waves and waves of the very Nature of my God Self flow into my mind, body, Heart, feelings, and out into my world. The sacred word of this Indwelling Presence is:

‘I AM here. I AM there. I AM everywhere! Therefore, relax into Me.’

As I prepare to pass through the ‘Door of Everything’ and enter into my submerged mind or into a deeper place in my Consciousness, that Presence already knows I am coming. Before I enter the sacred silence I invite that Indwelling Presence to release ahead of time the Light of the Holy Spirit into my body for Metamorphosis reveals that my body, born of the flesh and upon my awakening now, my body is ready to be born again of the mighty Spiritual Force of my True God Being.

I invite that Holy Force, that Holy Spirit, Its Light to flow into my body and to begin to repair and rejuvenate tired and old tissue. I invite the Light of the Holy Spirit to regenerate and bring renewal within the organs of my body. During the silence I invite the Light of the Holy Spirit to enter the very cells of my body and bring forth a cleansing, a renewal, a regeneration, and to release into the cells of my body a new spiritual nutrition.

I invite the Light of the Holy Spirit to rise into my mind to help me clear my mind and to remove all belief in appearances. I invite the Light of the Holy Spirit to fill my mind with new uplifting thoughts and ideas that will build within my feelings a more remarkable faith in me.

I invite the Grand Cosmic Being within to release the Light of the Christ into my earthly embodiment and to release the Love of my Soul and the inner Flames of Purification throughout my mind and feelings.
My endocrine system has been waiting for a right state of mind and illumination where I have greater understanding of the endocrine system. I understand there are many more advanced hormones the endocrine system is yet to manufacture and secrete into my bloodstream that are part of the ‘second birth’ of my body. I understand that it is only in moments of stillness that the endocrine system can begin to manufacture these advanced hormones, including the Metamorphosis Hormone.

I acknowledge the Seven Sacred Spiritual Centres of my body. I invite the Grand Cosmic Being within me to fully activate and unite the Seven Spiritual Energy Centres of my Consciousness with the Seven Spiritual Energy Centres of my body.
As I now prepare to enter the silence I invite the Grand Cosmic Being within to project a cocoon of Metamorphosis around me now to help me hold my body in the stillness, open and receptive. I empty myself of all desire except one desire. As I now declare my mind, body, heart, and feelings an open door, I invite my Grand Cosmic Being within to come forth through that open door and to resurrect Itself in me and through me, and as me.

By releasing Its sacred Powers and Qualities into my mind, body, and feelings every time I meditate, these mighty Qualities build and build and as that continues to build, my human sense of consciousness begins to melt away. My whole Consciousness of Perfection in Its Polarity of Light and Love, which is no longer coloured with duality, seeks to embed Itself in my multibody system and the Metamorphosis, the transformation of my outer self is under way.

I say to myself, Peace, be still. Let go, for now it is God’s time. I have done my part. Let me be open and receptive and trust that the Indwelling Presence of God, the Hero within, has heard my contemplation.
Let me feel myself withdraw as I turn inward and feel the blending with the Grand Cosmic Being within. I turn over my surface mind as a new point of contact, an avenue of awareness that the Christ within me uses to make contact with the world. Peace, be still. I am open and receptive. Let the Individualized Presence of God within me glorify Itself now, in me and through me.