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Akasha, a Metamorphosis Meditation

Jul 24, 2019 | Meditations

A Metamorphosis Meditation
Mother Akasha

The meditation that really helps us make contact with my God Presence within is a meditation in which first, there are a few moments of contemplation. I will begin that contemplation. Deep breath. Affirming inwardly:

“Preparing to enter into a Metamorphosis Meditation knowing the Truth that as I have discovered that deep within my Consciousness, within my own submerged mind is a Grand Cosmic Being made in the image and likeness of God Goddess All That Is, my True Spiritual Identity. I recognize that as I spiritually grow, personal and direct contact with my God Nature is now available in the silence of a moment, in a meditation in which my inner Divine Nature can begin to express into my outer self and out into this world.

Today, through my studies, I have greater understanding that I, and every other person, are Beings of Consciousness, and yet only a fraction of my Consciousness expresses through my minds, bodies, and feeling side of life. Through meditation and deep acknowledgement I acknowledge my whole inner Consciousness and all the inner activities of God Source which abides deep within me.

I acknowledge the Light of the Soul, the Light of the Christ, the whole Divine Mind of God. I acknowledge the Holy Spirit, the Deliverer when I turn within that delivers a Spiritual Force in my mind and body.

I acknowledge the vast endocrine system that governs the inner alchemy and chemistry of my physical body, yet I acknowledge my endocrine system has come to a place where it manufactures and secretes a very limited amount of hormones. As I have been taught and as I turn within I hold the silence and invite my endocrine system to begin to manufacture and secrete into my bloodstream advanced hormones, even the Metamorphosis Hormone that brings a change in my mind and body, and eventually that change comes into my world.

I turn within in loving acknowledgement that beyond my surface mind is my submerged mind. Beyond my everyday consciousness is a deeper Consciousness where abides within me an Untouchable Presence, a Grand Cosmic Being that has never been assaulted by the things of the outer world. A Grand Cosmic Being I have forgotten that is my true Spiritual Nature long hidden from myself and the world. It is for this reason that people enter spiritual paths, leave their homes and go on soul journeys to make contact with this Inner Self that is whole, pure, and perfect.

I am so grateful to know that as I enter into the full Kingdom of my Consciousness with the desire to make contact with my own inner God Nature that my mind, body, and feelings become an open door and waves of the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience begin to rise and flow through my mind and body and out into my world. I am so grateful for this.

Upon this inner contemplation I now give myself a message: ‘Peace, be still, and know that there is a Presence within, my true full Spiritual Identity that is All-Loving, All-Embracing and has waited centuries to come forth. This requires I suspend my thinking and hold myself open and receptive and in loving acknowledgement of my true Spiritual Identity. I empty myself. I have but one desire and that is to make contact with my true Spiritual Self, a Being of Consciousness hidden within my submerged mind. I welcome that Presence and I now command now that my mind and body become an open door so this indwelling Presence can begin to rise and release waves of Itself in me and through me.

I see my body and my mind as an instrument and I welcome the Greater from within to rise so I may be filled. I suspend my thoughts and begin to use another mechanism of my brain, the listening mechanism. I listen for a holy word, a holy feeling, an inner ‘something’. I suspend my thoughts and let go. I am open and receptive to that precious ‘something’ that abides within my inner Consciousness to rise to the surface and begin to express in my live. I now enter the silence.”
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