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Appreciation for the Great Mountain Ranges

Jun 27, 2022 | Akasha Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day June 28, 2022

Today we come together and show our appreciation for the Great Mountain Ranges.

People have been inspired, awe-struck and challenged by the majestic, towering mountain ranges for centuries of time.

Millions of people ski and sled down mountains in winter and climb, hike and scale them in summer, heeding the call of the mountains.

We have learned through the Ascended Master Teachings that the Gods of the Mountains who live deep within the magnificent mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, draw forth Cosmic Light and the Power of Cosmic Love from the Higher Realms of Eternal Perfection to the world.

The atmosphere of Earth receives these blessings of Cosmic Light Substance, which is also drawn into the lower structure of the Earth to help stabilize it and into the mental and feeling world of all those seeking the Greater Light and Love. There are also great storehouses of the Sacred Fire waiting to be released inside these mighty stone kingdoms when required.

There are many secrets of the mountains still waiting to be revealed and discovered, and we love, bless, thank and give a nod of appreciation to the Great Mountain Ranges.