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Be brave and have courage to say, “Yes” to life!

Mar 22, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Be brave and have courage to say, “Yes” to life!

We encourage you not to let anyone tell you what to do in your lives, for there is no one anywhere in the Universe to say, “Yea,” or “Nay,” to you. You are potential Gods and Goddesses, who have an incredible responsibility placed upon you from your Beloved Creator that has individualized Itself as each of you. Listen to your heart and it will always guide you correctly. Be brave and have courage to say, “Yes” to life! You have come into this world to express God!

Your priority now is to allow the hypnosis of deep-rooted beliefs to be cleared from your minds, to allow those human qualities that are limiting you in your emotions to be lifted. It is time to begin to experience that great love, great light and the great joy that are truly aspects of your own divine nature. In this way, you might then go forth to experience a more direct communication with your own inner God Source.

The time has come now for humanity to learn of those humans who have gained total freedom in their lives, and that presently live in the greater realms of your planet. They are Ascended human beings who are often referred to as ‘The Ascended Masters.’ In the coming years on Earth, the time will come when humanity will have direct communication with them and visibly experience them. In this last century, unknown to most of humanity, your Earth plane has begun to experience visitations from great celestial beings. These you are not yet seeing with your physical eyes, yet you are experiencing their cosmic assistance of light and love’s presence to your Earth. In addition, they are here to facilitate you; they are here to love you, and remind you of your higher purpose and the divine plan for life on your planet. They are here to receive your calls and prayers, to help heal, cleanse, and purify yourselves and your Earth.

Many new things are coming for each of you, for we so desire that you experience the true nature of your being. In beginning our transmissions with you, we have simply pointed out a few ways in which you can truly begin to change your reality, by understanding that the power is within you. Remember now that through your attention, what you come into agreement with, what you establish as your truth, will eventually out picture in your life, if you will work with time and space by applying yourselves some time each day. Do not give up on your new efforts, for once they gain a momentum of personal and spiritual power, you will experience wonderful new happenings in your life.

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment