Message from Master Kuthumi

Categories: Messages from the Masters


Beloved Hearts, Kuthumi is with you. Your lives provide a great opportunity for you to practice daily while keeping your attention on the many demands of the outer life. If ailments befall your physical body, what is Life asking us to be consciously aware of? What toll will Life demand for us to pay more attention to our physical body? What ailment will come to our garments solely for the purpose of making us more aware of the gift of physicality, and ultimately, what we each keep missing, the gift of granting immortality to the physical body? I have learned that Life will often create a barrenness and when there is a barrenness of health, a barrenness of opportunity, Life will invite us to breathe a space into that barrenness and proclaim that this too will change. We come out of our barrenness by allowing that empty space to birth a new season of greater health, of greater opportunities while still being in this world. I urge you to remember this.


I would like you to be a little more intimate with the gifts that you are given. Let’s use what Beloved Quan Yin offered as an example and it’s something that you can do anytime during your day. A precious gift that can do so much and deserves a moment of your time.

“I have a few moments now so let me sit down and take a deep breath. I place my palms over my chest.
(That’s very intimate for Christ Beings, Ascended Beings, would never allow anyone’s hands to be placed on this area of their body that has become so sacred since there is a Fiery Furnace growing inside that belongs to God.)

“Beloved Quan Yin, in connecting with the Fiery God Centre within me I pour my love to you, so grateful for this Gift. I call upon you Quan Yin and Almighty Sources of Creation in the Sacred Fire to enfold me, bathe me, massage me, and fill me and my entire Electronic Circle and all the affairs of my life in the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence.”

Breathe. Be still. Now put it into an affirmation:

“I AM, I AM, I AM, by all God’s Love I know I AM the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence blazing in and around me, building such a mighty reservoir of Its Presence in my Electronic Circle. I shall use this Gift in the future to help the people of the world.”

What I used to love to do when I was in the Himalayan School and was receiving these exact same teachings, was that after I called to a Master who offered such a Gift, I went into what was a very nurturing activity for me and rock my garment. I was fully aware that if we don’t give these Gifts to our physical body then we would lose our physical body again and that’s not the way Jesus the Christ is positioning us. So I would take 30 to 40 seconds and just rock, be with, and internalize the Gift with no more words.

“Oh, the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence!”

I would just bathe in that. I’d take a deep breath and be complete with the whole exercise that may have taken two to three minutes. Then I made it more personal to me and registered that I accepted that Gift. I knew that a Power much greater than myself was giving the Gift and I needed to be willing to receive it and make sure I did not give myself any permission for doubt. What ultimately gave me my Freedom in the Ascension was that I grew a love of certainty. That is what a remarkable faith will do.

There is too much pressure in the outer world. We must breathe some space into the pressures of the outer world. We must take time out.

“Let me, oh Lord and Lady God I AM of my being, let me come under the most heavenly influences where my days are filled with ease and grace. And God forbid if I ever participate in a human moment again; and may that human moment be as short as possible. And if I am responsible for inflicting my human moment on someone else, let me be swift to go to them and say, “Forgive me, forgive me, I forgot who I was in that moment.”

I AM Kuthumi. God bless you beloved students of Life. I thank you.