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More Reflections on Excalibur’s Transmission of the Elohim of Peace

Jul 7, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

When you disturb – and not you specifically – but you the people of earth, you disturb the powers of nature and the forces of the elements – they give back THAT which you charge into them.

When you behold the powers of nature and the forces of the elements given unto you  – Nothing but their bounty, their peace, their harmony, their beauty their purity – just through your own senses and faculties you absorb those qualities that We Elohim charge through the powers of nature and the forces of the elements.

I am going to work through the Higher Intelligence of each of you. I am going to open doors within your consciousness that allows you, through the power of your attention which is the Great Central Sun’s Magnet’s Presence – I give you a KEY, a secret right now…

The Great Central Sun’s Magnet’s Presence IS the power of your attention!

Our attention IS a Mighty Magnet and what you place your attention upon You DO become. Where you place your attention, THERE you are and where your attention GOES, your Energy ALWAYS flows.

This is why it is so important that you become SO conscious – every beat of your heart, every breath of your life – that you come to control YOUR senses and faculties.

You come to control your mind, your thoughts and your emotional body, your feelings and through that you come to control every activity of your physical body. Then what has been the human habits, desires, cravings and addictions of the past drop away like a leaf falls from a branch of a tree in the autumn and the old human that pestered you for so long is no more. Your life, like in the springtime are regenerated, rejuvenated, replenished with new youthfulness, new vitality, new beauty, new colours, new sounds, new vibrations, new frequencies – that have all been bestowed upon you and imbued  within your by your own Higher Christ Selves  and all those who work behind the scenes to make it so – Angels, Ascended Masters, elemental beings etc.

I say to you Beloved Hearts which are on fire – Pay more attention to where your attention is resting.

Through the power of your attention come unto me in the Great Central Sun and I will give you My Peace, My Peace I will give unto you – not as the world giveth will I give unto you. A peace that this world knoweth not – a Peace that can cause miracles to happen, to occur, to unfold, here, there and everywhere. My Peace, that you can be in one locality and assist another that is thousands of miles away from you, in whatever their own life in distress is calling out for you.

I can work with the Cosmic Power of my Peace and cause others to be blessed by it – as you together hold your attention upon your Presence within and above, you hold the door open and I will take e ery opportunity to flood my Peace through you into this world and soon you will know that I am Real…more real than the phoney powers in this world that seek to control the planet.

WHO is really the master – is it the outer self, is it the outer world that comes and goes as centuries past Or is it the Mighty I AM God Presence, and those that watch on silently – beyond the veil – that see all things and know all things as they truly are – this Presence dwells within you and this Presence desires YOU to see and know all things as they truly are.

DO NOT be pulled back into the games of the outer world – STAND YOUR GROUND – Hold your Peace. POUR your Love and BE God’s Victory in this world!