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Papa Asun’s Cosmic Bath Exercise

Aug 30, 2021 | Meditations

Cosmic Bath Exercise:  It is a Committed daily exercise of 20 minutes while we are completely relaxed in nature or laying down or sitting at home to receive your Cosmic Bath of Higher Frequency of Cosmic Light and Cosmic Love. Papa Asun asked us to show up, and commit to doing it daily. How can we refuse this Gift?

During these 20 minutes, we call upon the two groups of Light and Love to soak our bodies.

“I welcome the Divine Ascended Mothers and the Lords of Light to come to me as I rest and bathe me in their Cosmic Light and Love.

Beloved mother Akasha, Queen of Light, Goddess of Venus, Mother Mary, through my own God Presence,

I greet you and I thank you for Your Divine Intervention.

I am ready now to bathe in Waves of Your Cosmic Love.

Come Sacred Mothers, enfold me, fill my mind and feeling, fill the substance of my body with Waves of your Cosmic Divine Love of fulfillment.

Enfold me, Sacred Mothers, nurture me, hold me in your Penetrating Waves of Divine Love.

As I rest here, open and receptive, while you Sacred Mothers attending to me, wrapping me in your Heavenly Love, now through my own God’s Presence, I reach up to the Lords of Light who offer me their Divine Intervention of Cosmic Light.

Beloved Lords of Cosmic Light, Beloved Christ, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Maitreya, come, come, come and pour Your Cosmic Light Rays through the Love I am receiving from the Divine Mothers.

Let your Light of the Fathers merge with the Love of the Mothers that is enfolding and holding me in your Spiritual bath of Cosmic Light and Love that passes through my mind, heart and feelings, and through the substance of my physical body.

Great Cosmic Beings of Light and Love, expand my consciousness with the full Radiance of Your Light and Love.

Saturate the substance of my physical body with the Highest Vibration and frequencies that I can safely receive today.

I will return tomorrow and every day for another Cosmic bath and scrub, so that every day, my frequency of vibration of Divine Consciousness of Light and Love just keep growing and extending in this life I have been given.

I thank you, Great Cosmic Beings, Great Mothers of Cosmic Love. I thank you, Cosmic Lords, of Light, coming every day, bathing me, nurturing me, filling me with Great Cosmic vibration of Light and Love and pouring them through my consciousness and throughout my world.

I thank you and I offer each of you my Love, Praise, and Gratitude.