Reflections by Asun…todays topic, Sensitivity

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Lets address this topic one more time…Sensitivity…

Sensitivity means you are open and you are receptive.

Sensitivity is a good thing it’s a wonderful thing!

Coming into this world many of you turned your sensitivity off because of all the horrible things that exist out in the 3rddimension.

Over the last 5 years we’ve talked about this…give yourself permission to be sensitive again. You don’t have to be concerned about the discordant lower vibrations in the world.

You either have a Tube of Light that is working or you don’t have a Tube of Light!

If you have a Tube of Light that you call in every day and you remind yourself…of how you love that force field. That electronic force field comes down and around you that prevents the discord in the outer world; Prevents discord generated by other people from coming into your personal atmosphere!

If you have that your Armour of Light that we are reminding you to call in from your Presence and the Masters, then – come on – be sensitive – love sensitivity!

No more – past is the past – no more saying “oh I am too sensitive to go there, to sensitive to do that.” Oh I am too sensitive to go to a rock concert…lol

Be very careful with this “too sensitive”business . You have protection, and remember how you FINISH your decrees determines that when you go on about your day after doing your Spiritual Protocol…calling in to your own Higher Mental Body to sustain and maintain these spiritual resources as you go on about your day is what keeps you safe.

Are you WALKING in that Pillar of the Sacred Fire?

Do you have your Tube of Light around you?

Do you remember to look to your Higher Discerning Intelligence to sustain and maintain all the spiritual resources you call in – the Tube of Light, the Violet God Flame, the expansion of your Unfed Flames?

Decree: “Now as I go on about my day, my Beloved Higher Mental Body I call upon you to sustain and maintain and EXPAND every spiritual resource that I have called in and placed my attention today.”

Being sensitive is good! But you want to be sensitive to the right things. If you got your sensitivity turned off – how are you going to know if a Being of Light is trying to blast you free with Light? Well if you got your sensitivity turned off you wouldn’t know it. – Jesus Christ could be standing right in front of you and you wouldn’t even feel Him – Why? Because you turned off your sensitivity button.

Be Willing to be sensitive and Know that you are safe!

It’s not about being sensitive to discordant energies, it’s about being sensitive to the Light! I love you, and my name is Asun! LOL!