Ascended Masters Portraits

“When you are in touch with the image of a Master, You are in touch with the essence of that Master!”

Available to you Precious Students, are many Portraits of the Ascended Masters, created by your Accredited Ascended Master Portrait Artist, Gayliaa. I AM delighted that Gayliaa’s Dispensation has united with Mother Akasha’s Dispensation in providing these Sacred Images of some of the Ascended Host to you.

Just by fastening your attention upon any of the Ascended Master Portraits for a few minutes, will align you to the Consciousness of that Master. We do not encourage you to acquire an Ascended Master’s picture because you like Their image! Rather we encourage you to acquire an Ascended Master’s image because you have come to understand that image gives you an opportunity to fasten your attention upon a Master’s Portrait so that within seconds you are in touch with the Essence of that Master. Once the Essence of that Master has entered your consciousness, then the Blessings and Consciousness of the Master, the Attainment of the Master can begin to align with you.

Ascended Master Portraits are Activators! In a matter of a few seconds, at the most a minute, if you give the Ascended Master Portraits your loving sincere attention, this can create Divine Energetic Activation for you. If an Activation is upon you, there is a sudden increase of life, of energy, an invitation for your consciousness to expand, and produce for each of you a pleasant shift, a shift in which you are not the same as a moment before.

All of Gayliaa’s Ascended Master Portraits are available in the Academy Online Store.

Your attention upon any of the Ascended Masters helps us to form a bridge, between the Ascended Masters’ Realm and your Realm.  Forming that bridge by you connecting with the image of our Presence, allows Us to come closer to you. If we can come closer to you, we can weave our Consciousness, which is All Knowing, All Loving, and All Powerful… with your consciousness. This will greatly assist your daily life and spiritual evolution.

These are your days in which you are invited to temporarily, while you learn to discover all ways to place your attention and will upon your own God Presence, your own ‘Mighty I AM’, you have an opportunity to lean on Us as well, so that your journey home, your journey back to your Sacred Self can be a journey that is filled with as much Ease and Grace, and obstacles begin to disappear in your life.  So I hope I have inspired you, in revealing this information to you, one more way that you can daily activate yourself to the Higher Consciousness of Light and Love.

“Many of you have gathered into your homes the Sacred Images of Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings. On any moment you can fasten your attention upon Beloved Akasha or Lord Asun, and be One with Them, and as you hold your attention upon Them, I encourage you to remember you are cooperating with Universal Law.  You, Precious Hearts do not create Universal Laws!  By waking up and discovering many of the Universal Laws such as the one I have explained to you here, so you will soon come to benefit from your cooperation. I thank you Dear Hearts”. ~ Beloved Lord Maitreya, Calgary, 2015-01-18