Sacred Fire & Meditations

Once we have discovered our ‘Individualized God Presence’, our true spiritual nature and source of our life on earth, the next important discovery and spiritual resource for us to use is the knowledge of the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire is critical to complete our awakening and to embark upon the great journey of becoming our true self ‘I AM Christ being’ on Earth.

The Sacred Fire comes from the Great Central Sun, at the centre of our Universe, from the Heart Realm of the ‘Infinite I AM Creator Presence’, Mother Father, God Goddess, All That Is. Our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, being the Perfect Individualization of the ‘Infinite God Presence’ of the Central Sun, is our Source that we call to, for the Sacred Fire to come into our lives.

As Human Beings, after the descent from our Higher Christ Consciousness, we lost the ability to directly produce the Sacred Fire, thus the necessity to call to our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’ to produce the Sacred Fire in our beings and worlds. The Sacred Fire is the Spiritual Fire, not physical, rather Electronic in nature. When called upon, this Sacred Fire comes to us from the Heart of our Beloved Presence. Angels, Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Ascended Beings are also Sources of the Sacred Fire.

The Sacred Fire cannot harm anyone or anything at any time. The Ascended Masters teach us to set aside some time each day (30 minutes) to enter into the Sacred Fire, our Calls and Decrees, and Contemplation and Meditation on the Great God Presence that abides within our hearts.

The Sacred Fire changes color depending upon the Special Quality and Activity It is charged to provide. The first Flame of the Sacred Fire to begin to work with is The Purifying Cosmic Blue and Purple Flame. Then we can begin to use other great Activities of the Sacred Fire such as The Rose Pink Flames, The Golden Flames, The Cosmic Blue Lightning, The Emerald Green Flames, The White Fire Flames and the Great Seven Fold Flames of Elohim.

Visit the Video Library and watch videos of the Sacred Fire, or to use the Sacred Fire Mantras provided. God Bless you Precious Heart.