Today, I reflect upon…a 3-Fold Activity

Categories: Reflections by Asun

Today I reflect upon how wonderful you are and…

You have the outer activity of the Sacred Fire through the calls to the Sacred Fire, through your calls to the Violet Purifying Flame. You also have the Inner activity of the Sacred Fire, the inner Purifying Flames.

If you are not certain, I will lay it out for you….

The Holy Spirit as it enters the body during Meditation, It passes through the 3 Fold flames at the centre of the chest cavity. These are also known as the Honour Flame.

As the Holy Spirit passes itself through those Flames, It Transmutes those 3 Fold Flames for the precious moments that you are in the silence…

It transmutes the qualities of those Flames as the Flame of Enthusiasm…That Flame of Enthusiasm also contains the purification process so that while you are in the silence, the inner Flames of Purification which we welcome in the metamorphosis meditation –  that is doing deep cleaning – deep scrubbing within your physical body.

The idea here is that you have a Very important cycle that’s coming for you for your state of consciousness and the evolution of your multi-body system.

Your multi-body system – because of history – being able to throw off the duality that has been in the world, throw of that density – any discord – and then protect the body from taking on any further discord and then ONE focus….ONE FOCUS….to fill the cells of your body with such ALL CHRIST LUMINOSITY to so command that your cells be filled with the Light of God that NEVER fails and of course now you have a wonderful 3 fold activity…

  1. Your Mighty I AM God Presence above you that is the Source of Life on Earth.
  2. The Great Cosmic Presence within you that is your True spiritual identity.
  3. Any Ascended Master and Angels that you turn your attention to.

So you have a Mighty 3 fold activity!

When you come out of your 10-12 minutes being in the Sacred Fire Mantra…

You can turn to your decrees – my goodness you are all evolved enough by now that you can turn to your Mighty Great God Presence within you, your Mighty I AM God Presence above you and THINK ABOUT YOUR BODY.

My Beloved Mighty I AM Presence above me, Great God and Goddess of Light, Queen of Light, Great Beings of Light….Pour, Project YOUR Mighty Rays of Light – Infinite Rays of Light – into my body and see to it that every cell of my body is FILLED with the Light of God that NEVER fails!