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Today I reflect upon Excalibur’s recent Planetary transmission of the Elohim of Peace

Jun 23, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

Elohim of Peace – April 21, 2020 Planetary Calls by Excalibur

Beloved Mighty Unfed Flames of God, I come to you to offer you My 7 Fold Flame of Peace increased a thousand fold, you have yet to have experienced.

You are entering quickly into the Tree of Life that knows only One Presence, One Power, One Intelligence, Divine Love, Wisdom and Power is emerging from everyone of you.

I come to offer you my 7 Fold Flame of Invincible Love and Peace – more powerful than you have ever experienced it before.

You have no clue how much peace – myself, the Angels of Peace, the God and Goddess of Peace and the Mighty Temple of Peace in the Electronic Belt of the physical Sun – are having to increase daily – pouring  into the atmosphere of Earth, across the surface into the structure of the planet, into the powers of nature and the forces of the elements and most importantly into the consciousness of the people  to keep them from losing their minds, to keep them from going insane to prevent them from causing harm either to their own physical embodiment or unto the physical embodiments of others.

We are, every day now, here to assist you and the masses of the people to get through this FIRST Initiation of what is your experience – a virus, a pandemic.

To us these are nothing and to your own Mighty I Am Presence and Higher Mental Body they are nothing – because the outer world is temporal, is perishable, is dust – ashes to ashes. Only when the Unfed Flame of the Mighty I Am Presence is birthed within the consciousness of an individual and that one allows the Unfed Flame to unite WITH the 7 Fold Flame in the forehead and govern the brain structure, the mental body, the feeling body and obviously take full control of the physical body – then and then alone does it become imperishable, immortal, invincible, indestructible, Untouchable.

You blessed ones are upon this path and one day your own brothers and sisters – following you, led by you, taught by you, – will become this also. Yet till that moment arrives in the cycles of time of space, I say to you – Darlings of the Mighty Unfed Flames. Precious Ones of the Mighty Unfed Flame – you are to BE the shining light to the world, the shining example of Indestructible, Eternal Love, Peace and Purity to ALL in this octave – REGARDLESS of how things are playing out down here.

In order to truly become a Master to become A Magi, to become a Sage, A Mystic, to become a Christ, to become a neophyte, to become one that makes personal and direct contact with God and is able to consciously commune with God and allow God to fulfill God’s Wil through that individual…I say to you precious ones  – YOU WILL BE  the Shining Light unto this world and I will use the words of Beloved Mother Mary, just to give you encouragement and reassurance that you are Right Where Your Life Desires You To BE or may I say to you  – would you rather  be in the outer world right now in panic mode amongst the masses of the people?

This is to be taken into deep consideration for your own Love, Gratitude and Adoration to your own Life Stream, your Higher Discerning Intelligence, your Mighty I Am Presence that has caused your great awakening and so that you are no longer a part of what is taking place out there – rather than being a part of the problem YOU are part of the PERMANENT solution for the changes that MUST come upon this planet and assist the people to wake up, to realize, accept and invite that they themselves just as you will demonstrate are sons and daughter of the One Great Presence – the Infinite I Am Presence in the Great Central Sun.

Oh beloved ones, you yet have no idea how powerful peace can be. If you would give an extra 30 seconds, even let us take it to a minute – IF you would give that in recognizing and affirming with what you know today and you would declare…

I AM the Peace Commanding Presence to Life!

Then after that HOLD your peace…I am compelled by Cosmic Law to charge MY 7 Fold Flame of Invincible Love and Peace – In, Through, and Around you and hold you in its Eternal Love and Peace. Charging the atmosphere all around you so that No evil, No discord, No human creation could enter in and disturb you.

You are ready to become such Peace upon this earth and I Am ONE just ONE of the greater pieces of the puzzle to draw forth that cosmic feeling of Cosmic Peace into your lives. Namaste