Welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy

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If you are here, it is because there is a greater destiny that awaits you. It is likely that you have spent lifetimes preparing for this moment, and now, all of your efforts have paved the way for you to open yourself to a magnificent Truth.

A Short History
Long, long ago, in the Great Central Sun of our Universe, each of us was birthed as an individualized part of a Creator Race of Beings. We were then known as the “I AM” Race, and are currently known today on Earth as the human race. We were designed in the image and likeness of our parents, Mother/Father God, and we expressed our inherent qualities of endless Beauty, exquisite Majesty, and absolute Perfection through a much Higher Consciousness than we presently express today.

As one family, we came to the Earth 15 million years ago to evolve our Consciousness through a world of substance, matter, form, manifestation, and experience. The Door to our Soul was open, and the Love of the Universal Mother’s Presence flowed from our Hearts. Each breath was amazing, like inhaling the most beautiful, life-giving, exquisite fragrance. With that Breath of Life, a ceaseless ocean of creativity, genius, grace, and Super Consciousness poured through us. The Light of the Universal Father’s Presence shone into our minds, providing us with an unstoppable river of Higher Intelligence. Our Hearts and Minds knew only perfect union, and with them we created only perfection.

For two million years, we knew how to precipitate food, supply, and all that we required with ease and grace. There was no need for hard, laborious work. Our purpose was fueled by a desire to continue our Soul Evolution on planet Earth. We lived in harmony with the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements. Elemental Beings such as Unicorns, Elves, and Fairies shared the planet with us, in service to our evolution. We existed in a deeply harmonious collaboration with all of Life.

After our first two million years on Earth, known as the first two Golden Ages, humanity, as a collective Creator Race, chose to change the way of our Evolution. This choice also created a tremendous change in our experience side of Life.

We decided to continue our Soul Evolution on Earth without access to our all-knowing Higher Consciousness. In doing so, we inadvertently closed the door to our Soul, our source of Love, Genius, and Grace.

This created a terrible feeling of separation from Love, from our True Divine Self, and from our Creator; we felt totally lost, hurt, and confused without feeling that love. We perceived ourselves as broken, fragmented, and abandoned by our Creator. The perception of duality began to occur in our minds, and we started perceiving an experience of good/bad, otherwise known as duality.

An experience of “perception” replaced our knowing of “conception.” Instead of creating perfect manifestations from a whole mind and a whole heart, we began perceiving circumstances that existed outside of us, over which we felt we had little or no control.

In our fear and confusion, we started using our free will destructively. We have lived this way for 12 million years now, and have created a history that includes war and annihilation, disease, and poverty. We appear to be at odds with the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements in the form of floods, fires, and earthquakes. We are on the verge of destroying planet Earth and ourselves with the discord generated from our duality-based belief in good and evil.

All this occurred because we completely forgot that we are beings of Divine Love and Infinite Light. We forgot that the Greatest Love of All abides within our hearts. We forgot that when the Door to our Soul is open, we are able to access the Light of a Mind that never fails and the Love of a Heart that always fulfills. In other words, we are asleep to the Truth of who and what we are.

A Divine Plan Is Now Underway
Great Cosmic Beings within our Universe heard Earth’s cry for help, and a Divine Plan to save humanity from self-destruction was created. Humanity must be re-awakened; it was determined that we have been so lost in our self-created darkness, the only way to resurrect our Consciousness was by seeding Higher Consciousness from other worlds back onto Earth.

Cosmic Beings such as Jesus came from the Golden Shrine Galaxy and served as the Light of the Father, guiding us to awaken to the Light of our own Divinity. The Great Master Germain, oracle of the Sacred Purifying Flame, came from Arcturus to help us to purify our minds, bodies, and feelings so that we may re-embody our Higher Consciousness and the Purest Essence of Love that we all are. And then came the individualization of the Cosmic Universal Mother of all Creation, Mother Akasha, to guide us in our Resurrection through her Dispensation of the Rose Pink Rays and Flames.

Now that Beloved Jesus and Master Germain’s Dispensations are anchored on the Earth, Mother Akasha’s Dispensation gives us a curriculum to return to our natural Higher Consciousness through our Awakening.

The Radiant Rose Academy (RRA) offers a complete education in the re-awakening to our innate Higher Consciousness. RRA anchors the teachings of the Ancient Schools of Inner Wisdom, the Ascended Master Teachings, and Akasha’s return of Divine Love to the Earth.
Congratulations on making it this far. Get ready to embody life-changing, miraculous self-realizations on a path that offers the Spiritualizing of our Hearts, the Illumining of our Minds, and Evolution of our Radiant Rose Soul.