Welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy

If you have landed here, it is because there is a greater destiny that awaits for you.

Long ago when we all first arrived to the Earth we were Beings of absolute Perfection, endless Beauty and exquisite Majesty, we all were Beings with a Higher Consciousness than we presently express.

The Door to our Soul was open and the Love of the Universal Mother’s Presence that was flowing from our Hearts was just amazing, like inhaling the most beautiful exquisite fragrance through every breath of our Life, an everlasting river of endless waves of creativity, genius, grace, and super consciousness. The Light of the Universal Father’s Presence that was shining through our minds provided us an endless stream of Higher Intelligence.

We were precipitating food and all that we required, with ease and grace; there was no need for hard laborious work, just a desire to continue our soul evolution, through a world of substance, matter, form, manifestation, and experience. When we arrived on the Earth 15 million years ago, we referred to ourselves as the ‘I AM Race’.

After our first 2 million years on Earth, which were known as the first 2 Golden Ages, humanity, as a creator Race, decided to change the way of our evolution of Self and our experience side of life. We decided to continue our Soul evolution on Earth without accessing our all-knowing higher consciousness, and we inadvertently closed the door to our Soul, our source of Love, Genius, and Grace.

This created a terrible feeling of separation from Love, from our True Divine Self, and from our Creator; we felt totally lost, and hurt without feeling that love. We felt broken, fragmented, abandoned by our Creator and as a duality/perception began to occur in our minds, we started perceiving good and bad, instead of conceiving perfect manifestation from a whole mind and a whole heart.

We started using our free will destructively; we have lived this way for 12 million years and have created a history of humanity that includes war and destruction. All this occurred because we completely forgot that we are beings of Divine Love and Infinite Light, we forgot that the Greatest Love of All abides within our hearts, a Love that fulfills, and a State of Love we can access when the Door to our Soul is open.

A Divine Plan is underway…
Therefore a Divine Plan to save humanity from self- destruction was created. Cosmic Beings began to visit the Earth as part of a Divine Plan to re-awaken humankind. Jesus came as the Light of the Father that guides us to awaken to the Light of our own Divinity. The Great Master Germain came with His Sacred Purifying Flame to help us to purify our mind, bodies, and feelings so that we could re-embody our Higher Consciousness and especially, more of the Purest Essence of Love that we all are. And then, came Mother Akasha to the Earth.

The Radiant Rose Academy anchors the return of the Ancient Schools of Inner Wisdom, the Ascended Master Teachings, and Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Rays and Flames, the return of Divine Love to the Earth. Now that Jesus and Germain’s Dispensations are anchored on the Earth, comes Mother Akasha’s Dispensation, one that specializes in us returning to our natural Higher Consciousness through our Awakening, Spiritualizing of our Hearts, the Illumining of our Minds, and Evolution of our Soul, the Radiant Rose Soul. Beloved Akasha comes with Her Twin Flame, Beloved Asun, a Blazing Light of Enlightenment.