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You who wish to become more enlightened…

Jan 25, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

You who wish to become more enlightened and make a return path back to love, and who as light beings have a deep desire for the light, you now have transformational energies available to you. Because humankind is gaining a momentum in constructive living, your higher selves are coming closer to you. The desire to evolve, which is being realized within the human experience here, is now attracting great Cosmic Beings of light to your planet to assist humanity at this hour. They will remain invisible to humanity until a certain evolution is reached. There is an important reason for this, and the day will come when you will realize why this has to be so.

For now, realize that the moment you sit in the privacy of your own being and identify something acting within yourselves that you wish not to be there, begin to desire in your heart to be free of it. When something in you is creating some form of limitation in your lives, in that moment turn within to the sacred spiritual splendor of your being and say, “Take this out of me!” Then know that it will be done. Perhaps you might say to yourself with great sincerity, “This which has limited me has served me in my evolutionary growth as a survivor, but I am choosing to move out of limitation and truly evolve. I desire to be in that place which is full of grace and where karma is laid to rest. Therefore those lessons that are steeped in a survival consciousness, I now set aside that I may evolve through fulfillment. I do this by forgiving myself and others, and I do forgive freely and generously.”

 Know that anger and fear will hold you back

 Painful lessons are useful tools in your lives when you do not learn from your experience. Therefore, those in the movement of educational and personal counseling and psychology, of necessity, must work with processing deeply rooted anger and other emotions. Bringing people through their emotions, understanding that these emotions are a very important and imperative part of how people come to understand themselves, is very necessary. However, know that anger and fear will hold you back and now that you choose to evolve through joy, realize you need not hold on to these painful emotions unless you hold a value in keeping them. If you do place a value in feeling hurt and pain, then these are still useful tools in your particular evolution. However, we encourage every one of you to recognize and focus more upon your spiritual nature at this time. We encourage you to bring forth within your awareness, your true self in whatever way you understand that to be.

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment