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Your safety and protection and the subject of resistance 

Mar 15, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Your safety and protection and the subject of resistance 

 It is important to keep yourselves safe and protected in your life, but realize this begins by what you are believing or knowing as your personal truth regarding this subject. So, simply turn within and ask yourself, “What inner work do I need to do to keep myself safe as I move about in my world?” For if you have not done that inner work which keeps you safe in your world, when you are in your supermarkets, driving in your streets and walking in your cities, you open yourself to the suggestions held within mass consciousness. When you do not take steps to protect yourself to what you internalize, then much of the time you are open to picking up other people’s thought projections. Therefore, we urge you now to protect yourself. We have some suggestions as to how you can do this.

For some, it is simply enough to know, “I am always protected for I am the light of my God ‘I AM’ about me, that keeps discordant energy from penetrating my space.” Other individuals call forth a Tube of White Light from their higher selves, to be produced around themselves daily. However, you will know within your own hearts what it is that you have to do. As you become more conscious in your lives, the last thing you want to do is to take on other people’s stuff. Therefore, whatever you deem in your own heart that you need to do to protect yourself, simply do it, however, do this in the absence of fear. In what you assert for yourself, you become God in Action.

You need not be victim or victimizer, you lived many lives and you have played many roles. We urge you to also understand that we have compassion for those parts of your being that may be in resistance to this message. We also urge you to move forward by embracing your resistance. Wherever you have resistance in your life in doing something that very well may be constructive, embrace the resistance. If a thing brings up big time resistance in you, walk forth into that resistance and you will discover something wonderful about yourself that will be a great gift for you, a gift that will shift you phenomenally.

So consider this: somebody is asking you to do something, something is pointing you in a certain direction, to a certain understanding and you are absolutely resisting it. If you will still yourself and understand, “I am resisting something here,” and allow yourself to embrace what you are resisting, something will open up for you there. So you might begin this process by saying to yourself, “All right, I will do it. I will look at it. I will wear it for awhile.” Chances are there will be a great gift of awareness about yourself, as you embrace those things that you can identify as resistance within you.  For there is something in yourself that you want to break through, and when you do, it will give you a greater sense of freedom.

We encourage you to move forth into the fullness of that which is your true self. You will do this most quickly by getting these things right in your daily life. In this way, you then have the time and the space to live life the way you choose, by having and gaining a greater understanding of yourselves, whatever that might be. You might move into that place where you have answered the call to life. Not only have you answered the call yourselves, you are fulfilling the contracts that you have made with your greater selves, your destiny, and your higher purpose. There are Angels, Ascended Beings and great Cosmic Beings of light who have heard your call to life and will respond to assist you. Prayer is powerful in the absence of fear and doubt.

Never before has there been a time on this planet that such assistance has come as is happening now. Not in the former golden ages on this planet have such transformational energies been available to individuals to use in their lives as there are now. Use them and awaken yourself!

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment