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A Beautiful Mind blossoms forth from an Active Spiritual Heart

Our Master Teacher Asun comes to be with us for three days, how exciting is that! Asun’s Special Guests include Mother Akasha, Mighty Victory, and Master Kuthumi. Asun comes to align the Heart Plumes of Creation with our mind, opening the way for a Beautiful Mind to unfold. The Nature of Consciousness restores into our active mind and feeling side of life.

I Initiate the Union of all Elements into sustained Purpose and Beauty | I Initiate the Power, Purity, and Energy required for Physical Manifestation |I Initiate the Heart Realm Activity into all Divine Blueprints of Consciousness and Physical Life | I Initiate the Conception of Divine Vision in all forms of Consciousness and Creation |I Initiate the Cosmic Light of Illumination into the Mind of God, Infinite and Individual | I Initiate the Compassion of Cosmic Will of Sheer Determination in all aspects of Creation | I Initiate the Victory of all Invocations and Transformation, the Sacred Word of God. ~ Vancouver 2016

2 CD Set