Lucia Light Therapy

Advanced Resurrection Light Therapy is now available in Vancouver, BC. If you live in the Vancouver area or are visiting Vancouver while attending a Weekend Academy Event, you can now book your own personal session and experience for yourself, Lucia Light Therapy.

The Lucia light is a portal, a connector, a peek into the cosmic reflection of ourselves that exists beyond form. A place to visit where we can witness our true nature of being as infinitely connected to everything and everyone. It’s about witnessing the internal beauty and power of your own divine nature.

As the light activates and cleanses the pineal gland, instantly opening your inner vision, (the all-seeing eye) you find yourself effortlessly drifting through time and space and making the most profound connections into pure consciousness.

Surrender into the light and behold the indescribable beauty of never before seen colours, sacred geometries and much more. Enjoy the expanded state as neuro-pathways have been opened and old self-limiting thoughts and patterns are disrupted, allowing for a reset.

The pineal gland once again starts to produce and excrete hormones all directed by your own body’s wisdom, and higher intelligence to determine your perfect balance.

Treat yourself to a whole new experience

Sky|Studio often has Special Events for the RRA Students, visit their website

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Feeling lots of amazing things, lots of energy touching. Every magnificent colour zooming in and out, so many geometries, and then I found myself floating and bathing in a universe of light. I was in the Cosmos of consciousness. The greatest activity was straight ahead in my sight with the movement of geometries and there was a flower of life background. Tons of crosses overlaid and overlaid and sacred geometries constantly birthing all around. Then there were calm moments, and everything would appear pure gold. Progression of visuals and some were so busy but always had specificity, design, just amazing. There was one visual that was right in front of me and then it pulled away and I followed it with my attention, and it pulled me inside it. Wow! So, reminded that consciousness is what I am, it is within me and around me. ~ Samuel

I was back and forth between the Soul, the Christ, the Mighty I AM God Presence, in their octaves /dimensions and back into ours. I saw tons of colours that I’ve never seen before. Pictures, geometries, through the door to everything. I was feeling Mother Akasha, Mother Mary, my own mother, Jesus, Saint Germain, all the Goddesses, the heart, and feeling body restored. I felt Asun’s presence so deeply. In that consciousness Asun said; You feel it don’t you son, why don’t you turn around, the mother’s presence is behind you getting closer and closer every passing day. There is so much more that I can’t put to words. ~ Excalibur

As soon as you go into the light there is such a remembrance, a coming home, a feeling of recognition of who we are. It is really beautiful, amazing. The light is a tool to dismantle the remaining human (the little self) in us. It does not get accomplished in one session, each session is a hammer dismantling the human and the resistance, of the separate little self on this octave. Session after session you break through the little self and the light takes command of the body systems. This is the most intimate profound experience, an experience with the light that gave us birth. ~ Shilo

Keep the pineal gland operating, and you will never grow old, you will always be young. ~ Edgar Casey