Sacred Sound

Mother Akasha gave us a greater understanding of how Sacred Sound Frequencies can affect the Vibratory rate of our state of Consciousness and multi-body system, and be used as another tool along our journey of Resurrection. She invites us to work with the Solfeggio frequencies and other Sacred Sounds to compliment her Meditations. Here we gather those Sacred Sounds into 2 categories, Solfeggio Sound Attunements and Sacred Sound Treatments. The Solfeggio Sound Attunements are focused on the Solfeggio Frequencies while Sacred Sound Treatments contain any other Sacred Sounds not considered to be Solfeggios.

We give a special Thank-You and acknowledgement to Source Vibrations and Asymphonia Sound Co. for granting us permission to use their Sacred Sound compositions and making them available to our students. If you would like to know more about Source Vibrations please visit their website at

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