Quantum Field Meditations

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Quantum Field Meditations

Our entire Universe abides within a Quantum Field of Infinite Energy and Possibilities. Oscillating between Form and Formlessness, in meditation we project our Consciousness into the Quantum Field to absorb Infinite Energies and Possibilities into our body, a biological hologram, to support all states of change and metamorphoses, unifying the energetic fields of our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Mother Akasha incorporates aspects of the Metamorphosis meditations and Solfeggio Sound Attunements into these unique meditations.

1. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 31:04
2. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 31:08
3. Quantum Field Meditation – 17:43
4. Mother Akasha – Instuctions – 6:20
5. Quantum Field Meditation – 10:34
6. Metamorphosis Quantum Field Meditation – 18:58
7. Metamorphosis Quantum Field Meditation – 26:15

1 CD – Total Run Time: 2hrs 22mins

Solfeggio Music provided by Source Vibrations. For more information or to purchase Source Vibrations Music visit http://www.sourcevibrations.com Radiant Rose Students can use the coupon code radiantrose for a 33% discount on the Source Vibrations website.

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