The Goddess Meditation & Solfeggio Sound Attunement

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The Goddess Meditation & Solfeggio Sound Attunement

In these Meditations and Solfeggio Sound Attunement, Mother Akasha guides us to the Mother Father Consciousness and Presence that abides within us. With their loving assistance, they melt and collapse a long standing human magnetic barrier charged with lost will, that has existed between our individual consciousness and the Source of our Beingness, the Infinite Consciousness of Life itself. Then Mother Akasha and the Goddesses implant and Resurrect a Screen of Divine Magnetism that as we meditate upon Higher Consciousness, we more easily magnetize the power and presence of Universal Consciousness that then flows down into our lives. The Solfeggio Sound Attunement then attunes our new screen of Divine Magnetism to perfectly align with our life on Earth.

1. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 4:32
2. The Goddess Meditation – 15:57
3. The Goddess Meditation – 15:56
4. The Goddess Solfeggio – 13:05

1 CD – Total Run Time: 49mins

Solfeggio Sound Attunements Produced for the Radiant Rose Academy by Asymphonia Sound Co.

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