Akasha Magdalene Paradigm Code – Pt.2

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The Akasha Magdalene Paradigm Code – Pt.2

Mother Akasha, the Princess Mary Magdalene and others of our Ascended Host welcome you to the Second of their Series, the Akasha/Magdalene Paradigm Code. This year, Mother Akasha and Princess Mary Magdalene will advance us on the beginning knowledge we received last year on the Akashic Field and how the Magdalene Force creates a new paradigm coding in our Field of Consciousness. Beloved Asun, Mighty Victory, and Great Master Germain joins us for this weekend. Topics covered this weekend include:

  • Enhanced knowledge of the Akashic Field
  • The Mother Element, the Magdalene Force, the Akashic Field, the Holy Spirit
  • Sending our Light Body into the Akashic Field
  • How to lower our Merkabah Vehicle into the Akashic Field
  • How the Magdalene Force codes potential of the Field within us
  • Essential Harmlessness and the Power of Love to disrupt limitations
  • Inviting Luminous Pyramid Light Vibrations into our Akashic Field
  • Tapping into the Universal Light Substance while in the Field
  • Coding the Akashic Field and the Magdalene Force into our Consciousness
  • Our lives become more enhanced with greater possibilities and potentials
  • How our own life loves to fulfill our potential
  • How saying ‘Yes’ to our potential creates new opportunities

~ Calgary 2019

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