AMJ VOL 1 – The Holy Grail Revealed

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The Holy Grail Revealed
Ascended Masters’ Journal Volume 1.
Soft Cover 334 Pages. ISBN:978-0-9813841-5-3

Have you ever had dreams of Camelot, of a Magic and Mystical Presence, of Knights in Shining Armor, projecting Light Rays or Sacred Flames? Have you ever questioned the mystery surrounding the Holy Grail and if there is any truth to these legends, or of Legendary Beings of great power and magic? You are holding some of the answers in your hands. The Holy Grail is not only a physical Sacred Cup with magical powers, but is the very life that beats your heart…it is also known as the ‘I AM God Presence’. Embark on a Sacred Journey inside these pages for they offer a whole new meaning to the legendary Holy Grail. This book offers a greater understanding of your True Self, your Noble Self, the Valiant Self that you are!

“Camelot was created for a realization that everyone must ultimately enter upon a quest, and it was Merlin (God Germain) who officiated the quest for life as the search for the Holy Grail. All those who were part of Camelot are those who successfully found the Grail. To find the Holy Grail is to find one’s true sense of self, for the Grail is the Real Self, the ‘I AM that I AM’. It is the Divine Consciousness of the earthly self that once found and groomed, opens the way for self to become the ‘I AM Infinite God Presence’…” ~ King Arthur (El Morya)

“We have waited a long time for friends on Earth so that we could make a difference. We are your friends and with Beloved Akasha’s assistance, you have created a feeling of closeness so nothing can stand between us now. We will speak in your defense; we will stand and fight your battles, but who stands for humankind? One day you will, for it is your future to protect and raise the mass of humanity…” ~ The Lady of the Lake (Goddess of Light)

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