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First Annual Ascended Masters Earth Council. The First Annual Ascended Masters Earth Council, takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Ascended Masters overseeing the incoming Seventh Golden Age will come together during this Weekend Gathering to discuss with us many aspects of Divine Plans of Intervention for 2012 and the following years. The fulfillment of the Prophesies of the Ascended Jesus Christ | Advanced Studies for those embracing the Path of Resurrection | Enriching our Consciousness with the Powers of the Presence | Working alongside the Masters and Celestial Forces to stabilize the planet | Unleashing the Sacred Fire of the Central Sun to clear viruses and plagues | Opening of Sacred Sites around the Earth to release Great Focuses of Light | Resurrection of America, a Lantern of Light | Strengthening Democracy’s through Liberty and Freedom | China, A Storm, and the Heart of the People Prevails | The Coming Collapse of Dictatorships | The Sacred Fires of Purification intensify through the Powers of Nature | Tremendous Light Rays fixing upon the Planet | A Time to turn and Face the Light | Becoming a Mighty Force of God Consciousness | Harnessing the Power of Redemption and Forgiveness | A Rising Light in India greets the expanding Love in America | Divine Energies rise up out of New Zealand and Australia | The Heartbeat of Europe renews with Faith, Hope and Charity | The Love of Christ sweeps across South America | Canada is readied to serve as the Crown of Justice.| Beloved Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Master Guests include: Goddess of Liberty, Emanuel, Beloved Great Master Germain, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Mighty Victory, Mother Mary, Elohim Purity. ~ Salt Lake City 2011

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