Ascending Hearts Rise

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We come to offer you the Consciousness and Vibrations of Ascension.

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Ascending Hearts Rise

“We come to offer you the Consciousness and Vibrations of Ascension”
Beloved Magdalene Roses, I Akasha, welcome you to “Ascending Hearts Rise”. I have invited the most Beloved Queen of Light and other Ascended Master Guests who are all Specialists on the subject of the Ascending Heart including the Ascended Master Youth who gained their Freedom of Ascension recently in your previous century. These Masters come to align your Consciousness with the Frequencies and Vibrations of Ascension, and to help your Biological Physical Holograms to register these Activities of Ascension, creating Luminous Energy Fields that will support your creation of a new Christ Energy Force Field within and around you.

Our Conclave Master Guests include: The Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Director Logos, Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, the Immortals Isis and Osiris, Lady Nada, Master Germain, the Goddess Metamorphosis, Jesus Christ, Lila the Goddess of Love, Ascended Master Youth, and Mighty Victory.

The Queen of Light and Her Guests offer:

  • Understanding the Rise of the Ascending Heart
  • Resurrection as part of Ascension
  • Meditations for building our Christ Energy Force Fields
  • Sacred Attunements to receive Frequencies and Vibrations of Ascension
  • Isis and Osiris, the imbuing Immortality on the Substance of Life Form
  • Receiving the Ascension Energies of Victory
  • Entering the Violet Sacred Fire of Ascension
    And much, much more

~ Vancouver 2020

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