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Christmas with the Ascended House of David

Precious Hearts, join us this Christmas Season, with Mother Akasha and Lord Asun and their Special Ascended Master Guests from the House of David. Those Guests include: King David, Mother Mary and Father Joseph, Jesus Christ, and Mary Magdalene. Great Master Germain comes to us this weekend in His Embodiment as Joseph

My Lantern of Light, My Holy Cross |Divine Perfection of the Christ, is held in your Lantern |The Virgin Birth of the Christ in you |Joy to the world, The Light has come | Joy to the world, our Love has won |The Rose Pink Love of Heart |The Violet Love of Purity |The Golden Love of Illumination |Soon a Chalice, I come upon you |Resurrection Activity of Kindness, Caring, and Compassion |My Peace I give unto you |Divine Advocacy of the Father’s Presence | Divine Advocacy of the Mother’s Presence|And much, much more! ~ Vancouver 2013

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