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The Coming of the Masters, Vol. 1
We promised We would come!

A Host of Ascended Masters come to offer personal assistance | Beloved Akasha, ‘My Love is great enough for everything that was missing’ | Beloved Asun, ‘Together let’s break up the structure of limitation’ | Goddess of Light, ‘Where there is darkness, together we shall reveal the Light’ | Beloved El Morya, ‘Let me help you restore the Magic of your heart’ | Beloved Rose, ‘I come to help your heart and mind work as one’ | Beloved Great Master Germain, ‘Let me teach you how to intensify my Purifying Flame’ | Goddess of Purity, ‘I will help you direct my Diamond Shining Purity’ | Beloved Kuthumi, ‘Let’s direct the Ascended Master’s Light into your Wheel of Life’ | Mighty Victory, ‘I offer you my Victory, let me show you how to do it’ | And much, much more! ~ Saskatoon 2012

2 CD Set