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For our Beloved Magdalene Roses, we have collected Princess Mary’s discourses regarding the Magdalene Force, and present them to you in this Special Presentation. This will become a Mighty resource for working more closely with the Magdalene Force. May the Magdalene Force be with you!

1. Stirring the fragrance of the Magdalene Force
2. I come to breathe into your will
3. Opening three percent of the Magdalene Force
4. The secret of the Magdalene Force
5. The feeling of the Magdalene Force
6. Shielding your solar plexus
7. The Magdalene frequency caresses trauma in the emotional brain
8. Opening the Magdalene Force
9. Magdalene Force healing of the emotional brain
10. The Magdalene Force in our personal atmosphere
11. The Oracle of the Magdalene Force
12. The Oracle of the Magdalene Force

1 CD – Total Run Time: 5hrs 29mins