Metamorphosis Meditations – Vol.3

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Metamorphosis Meditations – Vol.3

These Meditations come from Mother Akasha’s ‘Tree of Life’ Teachings. Their purpose is to assist our Path of Resurrection, and specifically to assist the raising of our minds and bodies out of limitation. The Meditations invoke the Holy Spirit to open Sacred Spiritual Centres of our bodies, invoke our Endocrine System to initiate the manufacturing and secretion of advanced hormones of metamorphosis into our blood stream. They invoke the ‘Mother Element’ of Universal Life Force to flow more abundantly into our bodies and much much more.
These Meditations work best once one has engaged the ‘Practitioners Treatment’ Meditations and the ‘Circle of God’ Meditations.

1. Usa – Introduction – 2:10
2. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 18:31
3. Metamorphosis Meditation – 22:41
4. Metamorphosis Meditation – 24:25
5. Metamorphosis Meditation – 14:07
6. Metamorphosis Meditation – 18:09
7. Metamorphosis Meditation – 12:53
8. Metamorphosis Meditation – 20:25

1 CD – Total Run Time: 2hrs 13mins

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