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Sacred Oracles of the Divine Mothers – Cards Digital PDF format

A Digital Format for your Mobile Device(s):

  • The Geometry image of the 10 Divine Mothers as Oracles
    Set of 10 Cards per set, (From the size 3×4 in Card set)

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Brought to you by Arcaseus & Arcameus, Cosmic Representatives of the Architects of the Universe.
~ Devoted Artist Emmarose

Ten of the Divine Mothers of our System of Worlds come to us in their Authority and Hierarchal Position as Sacred Oracles, and offer into our Consciousness their own Sacred Geometry as Oracles of the Divine Mothers Presence. These magnificent Sacred Geometries are offered here to assist you to align with and register in your own Consciousness, the Oracle Consciousness of the Divine Mother Presence. Each of these Divine Mothers will also offer into our Consciousness, the Sacred Geometry of the Oracle of Delphi, out of which Truth springs Eternal. View the Oracle of Delphi Sacred Geometry here