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Spiritual Retreat 2006 – Pathways to Fulfillment Spiritual, Relationship & Manifestation.

Usa, Messenger for Our Beloved Akasha & Asun, Great Master Germain, The Maha Chohan, Paul Armitage, Joel Kaplan, Mechele Akasha Rose, Isaiah Ben Emanuel and Mahara Brenna Buchanan. Event Organizer Shelley Carter. | One of the great, great gifts of this summer’s Spiritual Retreat, Pathways to Fulfillment, is to recognize that between yourself and the world reflecting back to you as experience, are pathways that exist and very often there are limitations on those paths that are making the experience less than fulfilling. You already have energetic pathways going out from you and what is at the end of those pathways is a world of experience. If you are not as happy as you could be or your experiences are not as fulfilling as you would like them to be, then perhaps it is time to re-new your pathways.