The Soul Covenant

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Connect with the Ascended Family from the Cave of Light in India.

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The Soul Covenant

We discover the Covenants our Soul has with each of us. We are now ready for our Journey to embody our Soul on Earth. We have waited lifetimes for these moments. We discover that our Soul has access to all our original God Codes, our DNA codes and how our Soul will resurrect in Code, the sacred name of God, within the DNA and Substance of our physical garments.

  • We initiate the work of our Soul and the Violet Restoring Flame to restore our DNA
  • Our Soul begins the Resurrection of our Feminine Side of Life
  • Our Soul begins to enter our Feeling body and physical brain
  • Our Soul infuses our individual will with Divine Will
  • Our mind begins to create everything we teach it
  • Sacred Sound Attunements to align with our Soul . Soul Infusion through Solfeggio Sounds and Codes
  • Our power to create and manifest improves dramatically
  • Goddess Akasha-Rose works with our Soul to by-pass time and space
  • A New Star Seeding of the Violet Soul … and much much more

Ascended Guests include Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Goddess Akasha-Rose, Director Logos, Goddess of Charity, Master Germain, Lady Leto, Lord Maitreya, Goddess of Music, The Christ.

~ Vancouver 2022

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