33 Passages of Resurrection (cards and booklet)

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33 Sacred Geometries of the 33 Passages of Resurrection Cards and Booklet

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33 Passages of Resurrection Sacred Geometries
Cards & Booklet

This product Includes:

  • One full colour booklet describing each of the passages of Resurrection
  • A set of the 33 Cards of the 33 Sacred Geometries
    Size 3.5×5.5in

The Sacred Geometries were created by the Architects of our Universe, known as the Mighty Arceus. The Formation of our Universe and all therein begins with ‘The Math of God’ created by the Mind of God. That Math, is then interpreted by the Heart of God in creative designs of Sacred Circles, Patterns, Blueprints, and Spheres.

All Intelligence, Substance, Form, and Manifestation in our Universe require Sacred Geometries that are charged with the Great Central Sun’s Perfection and Victory necessary for their fulfillment.

The Resurrection is a Process and Divine Plan for this Incoming Seventh Golden Age. The Path of Resurrection is made up of 33 Passages to assist your Transformation and Spiritual Growth .



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