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Living well a fully integrated Spiritual Life!

Identifying the hallmarks of living a Beautiful Life |A decision for Purity and Beauty from the inside out |The outer world of appearances does not deceive me |Do I Love myself and my life enough? |Kindness and Fellowship, acts of one’s true Spirit |Can I see actions of my Spiritual Life in all outer aspects of my world |Gratitude for the little things, opens the way for the greater |The Goddesses Faith, Hope, and Charity discourse on living a Beautiful Life |I AM in the world but no longer of it, let’s make this true! |A time to let go of all that makes you less! |Let us birth the Sacred Seeds of Happiness deep inside us |All feelings of guilt, remorse, regret, and animosity must be released now |Let us claim the Divine Innocence that yet abides in our Heart |Time to write my essay on: I love living a Beautiful Life! |And much, much more!. ~ Calgary 2012

2 CD Set