Inner Guides and Angels 2

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Inner Guides, Angels and Ascended Beings
| When you say ‘Yes to Life’ and ask for Guidance | Inner Guides, who are they and how can they help you| Angels, Glorious beings, Emissaries of Light and Godsource| Your own personal Guardian Angel| The Ascended Masters, Beings of Unlimited Perfection and Achievement| What are the Powers of these Glorious Beings| Why are They the Guardians of the Human Race| How do these Beings contact us, how do we contact them| Why are these Beings contacting humanity and offering to help| Acts of Divine Service, A Divine Plan for Humanity | Angels of Light, Sound and Colour, their projection of the Great Love Rays| Angels of Healing and the Sacred Flames of Godsource| What Ascended Masters are offering what powers and assistance| The Incoming Seventh Golden Age| How can we attract these Beings closer to us? How do we make real, the protection they offer us. ~ Vancouver 2007

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