A Dazzling Mind 1

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A Dazzling Mind Part One

Lets increase the Light in the Chambers of the Brain | The Dynamic Interface between Mind and Brain Activity | The Three Fold Heart Flames and the Seven Fold Creator Flames in the Brain | Powering up your Involuntary Breath | The Power of the Silence to finish breaking up the chains of perceptual mind | A restored capacity to conceive Perfect Patterns of Thoughts and Ideas | The Secret Passage Way between Mind and Christ Mind | How to direct your Heart Flames to Illumine and Enlighten your Mind | How your Mind embraces the Peace of your Heart | The end of all mental confusion and chaos | Embracing your Magic Presence from your Heart into your Mind | Opening and working with the Pineal and Pituitary Glands of the Brain | The Lotus Throne Meditation | Expanding your Consciousness out into the World for greater manifestation | Living beyond the mass consciousness in a Consciousness of Divine Light and Love … ~Edmonton 2009

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