Akasha & Asun in England

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Akasha and Asun, and The I AM Family of Light® – 2007

A Special Discourse: Akasha and Asun share Their Hearts and Wisdom with the students in England A 3cd set of Akasha and Asun’s Presentation at The I AM Family of Light® in Kent, England. As more of Humanity awaken and re-connect with their spiritual nature to live a life of fulfillment, higher purpose and freedom, it becomes important to offer as many approaches to spiritual empowerment as is possible. The diversity of the human personality demands this and The I AM Family of Light® is successful in offering those who gather, a rich banquet of spiritual resources to enhance one’s path of enlightenment, understanding who we are, where we come from and the Higher Purpose of Life on Earth. So much was offered at this gathering and each person attending returned to their homes with a host of new spiritual tools and awareness to apply in their personal lives. The outpouring of Light from Higher Source integrated deeply into the open hearts of all who gathered allowing each person to go forth from this Gathering radiating greater light and love from their heart centers. Kent 2007

  1. Mother Akasha
  2. Mother Akasha
  3. Father Asun
  4. Father Asun

1 CD – Total Run Time: 3hrs 6mins

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