Akasha Magdalene Paradigm Code

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The Akasha Magdalene Paradigm Code

Tenacious, Soulful, Empowering and Sacred!
The Akashic Field and the Magdalene Force

Welcome to a very special weekend. Together, Mother Akasha and Princess Mary Magdalene come to deepen and expand our conscious understanding of the Akashic Field and the Magdalene Force. This weekend we will enter into and experience ‘The Akashic Field’ and the Magdalene Force. This year 2018, a year of Initiations opens the way to deeply understand, comprehend, and begin to use and experience ‘The Akashic Field’ and the ‘Magdalene Force’. ~ Calgary 2018

  • The Akashic Field, an Omnipresent Spiritual Presence and Power
  • Akasha, The Universal Consciousness of Divine Magnetism
  • The Magdalene Force, an Individualized Force of Personal Power
  • Magdalene, “Let the Force be with you” is real
  • An Experiential and Consciousness expanding weekend
  • Consciousness and the Akashic Field allows experience of Oneness
  • Essential Harmlessness and the Power of Love to disrupt limitations

2 CD Set


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