Audacity of Simplicity 1

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Audacity of Simplicity Part One

The Sacred Alchemy of Divine Synthesis of your Being | The Rose, Sacred Geometry of the Rose Pink Ray | Conscious return of the senses to the Christ Self |Amplifying the Golden Electronic Current in our Light Bodies | The building up of Light Substance in the earthly self | The union of Mind, Heart, Flame and Soul | Divine Awareness, the birth of Illumination inside the mental body | The presence of personal Power and Authority in the feeling body | The simplicity of Higher Thought in the new Dawning of the mind | The Love Vibration, the Akashic Force, building around the physical body | Restoration of whole mind and whole heart | The great re-union of our Lifestream back into the Heart of our Higher Self | The simplicity of Love, Intelligence and Beauty in living our Essential Self | Divine Understanding, Insight, Intelligence and Comprehension | When everything makes sense, when all things come together. ~ Vancouver 2008

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